“Beyond the build trap: Becoming truly product led” by Melissa Perri

  • Updated: 03 July 2023
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Melissa Perri, CEO @Produx Labs, explains how to create a 'Product led' organization in which the product is the engine of growth and each department plays its part in the strategy. Fear of a lack of knowledge and control can hamper an organization, so Melissa proposes two solutions: align everyone with the Product strategy, and focus on Product Ops to encourage transparency and facilitate collaboration.

The main key learnings:

  • Define a strategy at every level of the company. Break down the company's silos and opt for the right level of strategy at each level of the company (from CEO or top management through to dev teams and middle management).
  • Rely on data (user, business, financial, etc.). Gather all the data you have at your disposal and link each level of your strategy to it, to enable the product to better focus on the business.
  • Use Product Ops to facilitate collaboration. Product Ops is the glue that binds your organization together as it scales. It makes it easy for you to obtain business data and information, customer and market knowledge, and set up processes and governance.
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