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Product team efficiency & effectiveness: how to win in the current economic context

Melissa Perri, CEO @Product labs, Ryan Singer, founder @Felt Presence and ex-Basecamp and Sebastien Levaillant, VP Product Management @Payfit answer to the questions of Axel Sooriah, ...

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“Beyond the build trap: Becoming truly product led” by Melissa Perri

Melissa Perri, CEO @Produx Labs, explains how to create a 'Product led' organization in which the product is the engine ...

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“Finding balance in the chaotic serene world of tech” by Sylvain Grande

In this talk Sylvain Grande, CPO @PayFit France, discusses the various developments in the tech market over the past 4 ...

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Optimizing your Product Strategy with Product Analytics and AB Testing by Jean-Marc Audry

Jean-Marc Audry, Head of Product Strategy & Product Discovery @CANAL+, shares how his teams transitioned from an ...

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Stakeholder Management: The Most Important Skill Nobody Teaches by Bruce McCarthy

Stakeholder management is a critical aspect of product management. Bruce McCarthy, writer of “Product Roadmaps ...

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Large Language Models and Generative AI : Am I out of my job? by Mehdi Ghissassi

Mehdi Ghissassi, Director of Product Management @Google, explains how Product is organized at Google in relation to the ...

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Build a first machine learning component with a product-first approach by Raphaël Korach

Raphaël Korach, VP Product @Getaround, explains how launching a new machine learning component for smart pricing starts ...

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“How to build a Culture of Product Experimentation across your organisation” by Alexandre Suon

Alexandre Suon, Head of Experimentation @Accor, retraces the steps he undertook to implement an experimentation culture ...

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“Scaling Shape Up Beyond Bootstrapped Companies” by Ryan Singer

Ryan Singer, founder @Felt Presence and author of “Shape Up”, tells us how and why the Shape Up methodology took shape ...

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What is and how to become strong product people ? by Petra Will with Fabrice des Mazery

Fabrice Mazery, CPO @The Fork have a fireside chat with Petra Will, founder @Product at Heart, on her vision of what is ...

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