How to conduct effective discovery?

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Are you convinced by discovery, but are too quick to give up because of a complex vision of the approach? In this episode, our consultant and trainer Marie-Laure shares the advice that has enabled her to use discovery, even when it seemed complicated… 

Marie-Laure's key takeaways for effective discovery:

  • Don't make excuses. You think time is your enemy? That you have no problem to explore? Instead of asking yourself whether you should do discovery, start by answering these three questions: How? Why? And for how long?

  • Align yourself around a choice. Without a clear process associated with activities and deliverables, chances are you'll be stuck in endless debates. Use the Focused method from the book "Discovery Discipline." to help you. 

  • Combat complexity. Reinforce the Product Strategy phase and break down a big topic into smaller issues via a dedicated workshop. This will be easier to manage, be quicker and enforce collaboration.

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