Build a first machine learning component with a product-first approach by Raphaël Korach

  • Updated: 03 July 2023
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Raphaël Korach, VP Product @Getaround, explains how launching a new machine learning component for smart pricing starts with answering a design and marketing problem. He introduces the Four O framework the team used to strike the right balance between automation and manual actions, then proceeds to explain why starting narrow and fully featured is the way to go in machine learning.

The main key learnings :

  • Focus on design on Marketing. Implementing a new machine learning component goes beyond technical subjects
  • Learn the Four O framework. Balance automation and manual actions with the Four O: Organisation, Oracle, Observation and Optimisation
  • Start narrow instead of a large perimeter. In the case of machine learning, you should start narrow and fully featured instead of large and less featured
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