Building two products from scratch, ten years apart: Dashlane & Stonly

  • Updated: 20 December 2022
  • 1 minutes
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Building a first product, working on it for almost ten years, getting millions of users... and then leaving to build a new one. This talk hosted by Alexis Fogel, Founder @Stonly & ex Dashlane, covers the different phases of product execution and vision from ideation to shipping a first version, refining, optimizing, and diversifying, highlighting mistakes made and tips learned along the way, sometimes twice!

The main key learnings :

  • Use the vision and a first use case to launch a product. Discover how Alexis Fogel found its product/market fit 10 years apart.
  • Iterate with your first customers. Learn how to interact with your early adopters to grow your product and build your early adopters community
  • Do things the right way at the beginning. Discover that it’s way cheaper than having to fix it later (ex: technical debts, culture debts, security debts, etc.)
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