The Cynic's guide to designing for Social good

  • Updated: 20 December 2022
  • 1 minutes
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Designing for social good is often very different from designing for not social good. Sometimes we need to add friction, rather than reduce it; if we don’t think properly about language and accessibility, we could exclude those who most need it, if we don’t design appropriate safeguarding, people might face harm, or even death. Rebecca Rae-Evans, Chief Design Officer @Snook, takes an honest, cynical, and sometimes amused look at the world of social design.

The main key learnings :

  • Innovating the organizational chart through frustration. Speak to the right people who can change things and then the outcome
  • Taking ownership of frustration. If you don't understand the problem, it may mean that you are angry for the wrong reasons and that it is time to take action to help.
  • Seek impact. Given the sensitivity of the topic, impact must be essential at the expense of the financial model.

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