Product team efficiency & effectiveness: how to win in the current economic context

  • Updated: 04 July 2023
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Melissa Perri, CEO @Product labs, Ryan Singer, founder @Felt Presence and ex-Basecamp and Sebastien Levaillant, VP Product Management @Payfit answer to the questions of Axel Sooriah, co-founder @Panash, on their vision of Product Management and to be efficient in the economic downturn in the technology industry.

The main key learnings:

Understand how the business works. As Product Manager you need to be able to connect with the business people and understand how to grow the business of your company to be more efficient. Business understanding is now required for product managers.

Focus on the strategy. Getting your product strategy correct is one of the key to be more competitive. You need to understand where people are struggling and to prioritize well so you don’t spend money uselessly.

Bring the technical people in the product design. In order to be better at delivery, you need to figure out what can be done before you get into details. They will help you find the best solutions for your product by taking into account the identified constraints.

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