How to Build a Product Story that Sells

  • Updated: 20 December 2022
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Product managers know that storytelling can be a powerful tool to get closer to users. But how do you help your sales team use storytelling to position the product and conquer the market? In this presentation, April Dunford, Founder @ Ambient Strategy, provides a framework for creating a product "point of view" that salespeople can use to help the product stand out and win in highly competitive markets.

The main key learnings :

  • Be a guide not a salesperson. Discover why customers don’t want a product sales pitch, they want market insights.
  • Build a point of view pitch. See the structure of a good point of view story and how it helps customers make better choices.
  • Define a solid positioning. Learn why positioning is crucial, without a solid one, you can’t create a good point of view pitch.
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