Advanced ICE - using the Confidence Meter

  • Updated: 06 January 2023
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In this talk Itamar Gilad, Founder @Product Front, introduce the “Confidence Meter”, a tool he created to quickly and objectively evaluate ideas on the basis of supporting evidence. He walk you through a full example of developing and testing two competing ideas, through multiple build-measure-learn cycles. At the end of each cycle he uses “the Confidence Meter” to analyze the results and enforce evidence-based decisions.

The main key learnings :

  • Learn to prioritize with the “Confidence Meter”. Consists of four phases: Opinions, Assessment, Data, Test Results, each of which is assigned a confidence score.”
  • Never launch a solution based solely on opinions. It must be validated through testing and experimentation.
  • Stop investing in bad product ideas. The only real way to find winning ideas is to put them to the test and reduce the level of uncertainty.

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